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    Listening to Still, Small Voices

    Even as my hand was raised to push the message away, I apologized immediately for my rejection of it. So after sprouting my anger, I opened my ears. I listened. God is good. He maintains HIs hold on those who belong to Him. I accepted His gentle rebuke just as I accepted my anger, outrage and frustration. I know everything in my life works to my good and my life works to glorify God. Trust that there is a purpose for whatever passion threatens to consume you. Submit your passions to God and He will mold you into the instrument He needs for such a time as this.

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    I’ve classically over-extended myself over the last few months. Over the last few weeks frustration and exhaustion have warred for my focus. My conclusion: although everything I’m doing is something I want to do, I would prefer to do everything I do well and also I prefer to be 100% present and committed when I do it. That has not been the case lately – not for some time as a matter of fact. So I came to the difficult decision to cut back on my calendar of activities. I will execute that decision this week. Today’s lesson: There are many worthy causes and many opportunities to spread yourself thin,…