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    Isabel de Olvera: I Demand Justice.

    Isabel de Olvera: I Demand Justice. "I am going on the expedition to New Mexico and have some reason to fear that I may be annoyed by some individual since I am a mulatta, and it is proper to protect my rights in such an eventuality by an affidavit showing that I am a free woman, unmarried and the legitimate daughter of Hernando, a Negro, and an Indian named Magdalena...." 1600 AD Follow link to read full post.

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    When did you become radicalized?

    When were you radicalized? A Self-Reflection Exercise. When did you first see yourself in the struggle? When did you become unapologetic? When did you know you wouldn’t turn back? When did you acknowledge your trauma? When did you acknowledge your helplessness? When did you acknowledge your rage? When did you acknowledge your grief? Follow the link to read and share your story as well.

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    11 Years of Blogging! Oh, my!

    Eleven years ago today, I posted my first blog on these here inter-nets. “Can I Love You?” was written in the early days of my committed and purposeful faith walk. It’s as sincere and earnest as I’ve ever been in my writing. Several years later, it was followed by a post titled, “…and the People said ‘Hell NO!‘” Ha! Life certainly rings us full circle! Many believers attempt to paint the act of loving your neighbor – your fellow human beings – as such a delicate, soft expression of faith. That hasn’t been my experience with love in any form. Loving others has been a harsh, eye-opening refining fire for…

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    Consolidating my blogs

    Hello, All   I’ve combined all my blogs into one. If you’ve been following Spirit-Harvest.com or any other blog of mine, please move with me to Harvest-Life.org! I’m looking   Continued blessings!   LaShawnda

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    The getting-overness of it all.

    Landscaper as Every Man People getting over on others has been a sore spot recently. Last fall I signed an agreement for landscape work in my back yard. Two days later I felt a need to review the details and calculate my own measurements. The landscaper’s quote was based on hardscaping 1700 square feet with pavers, stones, and artificial mounds for height variance. The second night, I went to bed thinking: my house is 1800 square feet, there’s no way I’m landscaping a house worth of space. The next afternoon I went out to measure what I wanted pavers and travertine for: two seating areas, the patio and a side…

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    Pamela Turner: Two for the Carnage of One

    Do this in remembrance of me. It’s psychological warfare physical murder spiritual bondage. Our sanity means nothing to the intentionally persistent   assassins of our humanity. Our humanness has no value in the   confrontation of violent entitlement& and moral disregard that assumes  murder of “others” is the white person’s right – a privilege  awarded to hunters; a prize  for the domineering. I cried out to Jesus, only to be  consumed by His weeping and grief. I raged at Democracy, only realize my own invisibleness. I shouted out to my neighbors but their thundering silence shamed me! I too may be America, but who is America? What we’ve become is who…

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    A Message of Remembrance on Passover

    Dear Colleagues, As we look ahead to the beginning of Passover, I want to share a bit of JDC history. Tomorrow – the eve of Passover – is the seventy-sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  In 1943, April 19 was the night of the first seder, just as it is this year.  Seventy-six years ago, a band of brave Jews made a last stand against the murderous Nazi regime.  They launched this historic act of resistance on the same night that they celebrated the miracle of Passover. As members of the JDC family, we should remember the role JDC played in the ghetto.  A JDC professional…