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The Best Interview Feedback I’ve Ever Received

Not only did my latest job interview get me excited – a rare feat these days – my interviewer was super excited about me. His feedback turned me into a spinning chorus singer.

I’ve been working for over thirty years. I’m sure I’ve collected many pieces of advice and phenomenal feedback in various roles. However, this most recent post-interview feedback immediately had me thinking of other memorable moments that have contributed to my very capable and self-assured persona.

In short:

1. Ask for what you want and stick to your number. This was an early and hard lesson to learn. It has been reinforced with almost every manager I’ve had since.

2. Go where you are wanted. There are jobs that not only need your skills, they want your presence and everything you’re willing to bring into their space.

3. Chemistry is better than experience. Working with people you click with improves life in so many ways. When work is not a hardship or a chore, you have so much more zest for the rest of life.

Each of these roles defined a period of my life – McDonald’s, Citigroup, and a transition to teaching. Watch the above video for the detailed feedback stories and great bonus advice I remembered while filming.

Cheers and be blessed as you go!


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Why are men so frustrating?

Why are men so frustrating? The older I get, the less patience and interest I have for their foolishness, especially when unsolicited and unnecessary. This particular interaction resulted from me asking two professional contractors for information on day laborers.

I didn’t cover in the video that I was also extremely taken aback by how forcefully these two men (black) were against the idea of me getting help for anything less than an exorbitant amount of money. Even as I repeatedly explained that I could move the materials (70 drywall sheets from driveway to second floor) over a period of days on my own, but getting 3 to 4 men to help would reduce the task to about an hour or so. Definitely less than two hours. Not only did they insist the task helpers get paid, but they were insisting on union rates of $85 to $100 per hour per person. I asked repeatedly if they were serious, and they never deviated from this ridiculous opinion.

As an active laborer on a project I’m personally financing, it’s hard for me to take anyone seriously when they speak condescendingly from a one-dimensional perspective. The union contractor bragged about keeping a full wallet and being on the job for 35 years, but his 2 examples of paying more than double a decent rate for basic services told me he doesn’t know anything about money or project management.

I may seem frugal, but I’m working with what I have. Becoming reckless with my limited resources will not get me to a completed project.

That being said, I’ve learned a great deal from most of the contractors I’ve worked with and those who bid on work but didn’t follow through. Without a doubt, the best information initially came from me knowing nothing and the men happily talking my ears off. However, I took notes. Most provided fuller contextual information when I followed up with my progress updates and questioned what they meant when they said xyz.

I’m still a novice, but I don’t require hand-holding. And I certainly don’t have time for outright foolishness.

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Reflection Friday: Takeaways from Gig Driving

A year ago, I began driving for Lyft and Uber. It was a great time for new drivers as the cash incentives seemed to be generous and free flowing. The winter was a dry season, but that seemed to be expected. However, as the dry season has continued into spring and summer, the things I brushed off or didn’t’ pay attention to early on are all I think about while driving now.

Navigation is a learned skill most people are unaware they need.  

navigation: the process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route

  • People generally don’t know where they are or where they’re going. Or rather, people generally can’t give actionable instructions on how to get to their destination. 
  • Many people speak of their location as if you are in their head or have all the knowledge of their placement that they do 
  • They can’t tell you how to get to them or how to get them where they’re going   Directions are not a strong suit Cross streets, descriptors are not easy to understand
  • The most common instruction I receive during drop off is, “Right here!” Which is never in the spot they actually want to stop at.   
  • People are confident in describing color in the dark. The blue house, the red building, the gray trim. Everything is black, white and shades of gray at night.    
  • People pay for a service and act like they own the provider and vehicle.  
  • There are so many different types of body order. I now wonder what I smell like to others. 
  • The idea of ride sharing is very communal. Unfortunately, the current structure is completely corporate in the most exploitative way.  Uber and Lyft seem to take about 40-50% of the fares while not paying for any of the drivers expenses.  
  • Drivers are non-employees who bare all the expenses of customer-facing operations (gas, repairs, maintenance, wear and tear on their personal vehicles) 
  • In my first six weeks, I had five flat tires resulting in four new tires, five tows, a few expensive Uber and Lyft rides to/from repair shops, and days of missed work. 
  • In month four my transmission blew. First estimates were $8500-12000 for parts and labor. Lyft and Uber covered none of that. My third party warranty dragged approval for five months. During which time I rented a car they don’t want to reimburse me for. 
  • Depending on your payout choice, you may have to pay a fee to receive your wages 

If you rent a car from the company, you pay for the rental from the 40-50% of the fare you receive (this seems like double-dipping on the company’s part) 

  • Lyft’s rental rates for a month can run from $1076-2200 or more depending on mileage purchase and insurance option 
  • They make you pay extra for “personal miles”  
  • The app will kick you offline if rides can’t be found, forcing you into using personal miles 
  • Lyft allows drivers to drive off the rental fee, similar to sharecropping.  
  • Uber offers rentals through known brands at near market rates but pay is upfront from your bank account and not connected to your driver profile. 

Dissatisfaction comes quickly with unfair business practices 

Dissatisfied workers begin to do the bare minimum when their labor and time are exploited 

The current rideshare model is unsustainable for drivers long-term 

Greed is a choice that isn’t necessary or ultimately productive.   

Restaurant apps are a trap 

  • They entice with free or discounted food and drinks, and you end up getting things you never would have otherwise. I rarely ate fries when I worked at McDonald’s. Now I’m looking for the free medium with any purchase on Fridays and the $1.29 any size on other days. Just because it’s available. 

Overall, I’ve become aware of how completely we are all consumers as givers and receivers of services and sellers and buyers of products.

Consumers have a particular mindset and expectation that is not necessarily conducive to communal sharing. 

I’ve also become fully aware of how corporate every aspect of American life and business is. Corporate in the sense of structure and the pursuit of ever-increasing profit. Companies ultimately profit by increasing prices and lowering expenses, usually labor costs. In short, companies cycle between alienating their customer base and their labor force. The company rakes in the money without distributing sustaining satisfaction.    

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Now Booking Art & Photo Walks

T’is the season for photo and art walks in Miwaukee! I host art and sunset walks through Air BnB Experiences and Search Milwaukee Experiences on the sites to book. Locals and travelers are welcome.

Renee and Alex booked a Photo Walk Experience to kick off to their anniversary trip in Milwaukee. They arrived with questions, curiosity, creativity, and great energy! They learned how to adapt for lighting changes, change the mood of their images in camera, we worked on framing, perspective, angles and observing different environments within proximity of our focus subject. We all agree their upcoming week of vacation photos will be spectacular! 🥰

My @airbnbexperiences Photo Walks are back on the calendar. Search Milwaukee Experiences on @airbnb to book.

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AMC: Court-Ordered Legal Notice

Yesterday, I received the notice mentioned in my last AMC post, Proposed Settlement (May 5, 2023). AMC is required to send to stockholders of record in the United States (not sure if those holding overseas will receive it). You are a Class Member if you have held AMC Common Stock from August 3, 2023 through and including the record time (yet to be determined by the Settlement Hearing).

This is essentially giving notice of the Settlement Hearing set for June 29-30, 2023. Shareholders are informed of their right to file a written statement in support of, or objection to, the Proposed Settlement (see post for docket documents). Such statements must be received no later than May 31, 2023 in accordance with instructions (to be) posted on AMC’s Investor Relations site. []

Settlement Hearing Agenda

Among other things, the hearing will:

(i) determine whether the proposed Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Settlement Class;

(ii) determine whether a Judgment, should be entered dismissing the Action with prejudice as against Defendants and lifting the Status Quo Order;

(iii) determine whether the application by Lead Counsel for an award of attorneys fees and expenses and incentive awards should be approved;

(iv) hear and rule on any objections to the proposed Settlement, Lead Counsel’s application for an award of attorneys’ fees and expenses, and/or Lead Counsel’s application for incentive awards to Plaintiffs; and

(v) consider any other matters that may properly be brought before the Court in connection with the proposed Settlement.

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AMC: Proposed Settlement

I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with document submissions in the AMC Entertainment Shareholder Litigation (2023-0215-MTZ) case filed with the Court of the Chancery in Delaware. It must’ve been a late night when I found and accessed documents a few weeks ago and thought I had located everything on the court’s website. That was not the case. As folks have been posting snippets and screenshots of notices, letters, motions and the sort with no sources or links, I’ve become rather suspicious of motives and provided information. On May 2nd, I got excited over a snippet of a supposedly new proposed settlement posted by someone who only shared a screenshot of page 16 of one of the exhibits. Not enough information to go on to locate the source document.

Today, I remembered I had taken screenshots of the docket when I found it a few weeks ago. Luckily, enough of the url was visible to get back to that site. So for all those interested, Docket Alarm allows you five free document views (downloads/prints/saves) before locking you out. (You didn’t hear this from me, but if you go to another browser or device, you can get a few more free views and downloads.) I’ve tried other docket sites, but didn’t have nearly as much success with range of documents.

Below is a copy of the NOTICE OF PENDENCY OF STOCKHOLDER CLASS ACTION AND PROPOSED SETTLEMENT, SETTLEMENT HEARING, AND RIGHT TO APPEAR from the Delaware Court of the Chancery. This was e-filed on May 1, 2023 by the judges office and contains the redline edits from the above referenced screenshot posted on May 2, 2023. So this is a real document, not fake as I feared after not receiving source verification from the poster.

Sources and links are below. Please feel free to share and comment your thoughts.

In the Proposed Scheduling Order filed on May 1, 2023, AMC was ordered to:

  • (i) file with the SEC a Current Report on Form 8-K describing the Settlement and stating where stockholders can locate the Stipulation and the Notice on AMC’s investor relations website;
  • (ii) post a copy of the Stipulation and the Notice on AMC’s investor relations website, which shall remain on AMC’s website through the Effective Date or termination of the Settlement;
  • (iii) transmit the Summary Notice once over the PR Newswire;
  • (iv) post a notice regarding the Settlement on AMC’s Twitter account in substantially the following form:

AMC has recently reached an agreement to settle a putative stockholder
class action concerning the proposed conversion of AMC Preferred
Equity Units into Common Stock and reverse stock split. The
settlement agreement and settlement notice can be located on AMC’s
website at this address: [insert address once available]. AMC
stockholders who are Class Members have the right to object to the
settlement and the deadline to do so is [insert date once available].

On May 5, 2023, AMC held 1Q23 Earnings call and filed the Form 10-Q for the quarter. Their update is detailed under Note 11 (pages 28-32).


AMC Investor Relations

Adam Aron’s Twitter (@CEOAdam)

Delaware Court of the Chancery

Docket Alarm

SEC Edgar (Filings & Forms): AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

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AMC Special Shareholders Meeting Vote Count

These are the preliminary counts as of the end of the Special Shareholders Meeting today. Thy are recorded to the best of my hearing. I will update this post with the final numbers when the Form 8K if filed with the SEC.

Meeting replay

Number of shares outstanding as of March 2023 : 1,033,686,000

According to AMC Entertainment‘s latest financial reports and stock price the company’s current number of shares outstanding is 1,033,686,000.

Update: Final Vote Results

Preliminary numbers/original post below. Link to Form 8-K filed on March 15, 2023 with vote results.

Form 8-K filed with SEC on March 15, 2023
from Form 8-K filed with SEC on March 15, 2023
from Form 8-K filed with SEC on March 15, 2023

Inspectors of Election Preliminary Report Vote Count (end of meeting)

Proposal 1: Increase authorized shares of Class A Common stock from 524,173,073 to 550,000,000 shares

  • 88.0% For
  • 11.2% Against
  • .08% Abstain
  • Aggregate
  • 978.3 million in favor
  • 124.4 million against
  • 9.5 million abstaining
  • 67.5% of outstanding
Proposal 1 Preliminary Count
FOR978.3 million88.0%
AGAINST124.4 million11.2%
ABSTAIN9.5 million.08%
Votes cast represent approximately 65% of outstanding APE Units

Aggregate AMC Common Shares (that voted)

  • 72.5% For
  • 26% Against
  • 1.5% Abstain
  • 132.2 million For
  • 47.4 million Against
  • 2.8 million Abstain
  • Votes cast represent approx. 35% of outstanding AMC shares.

Aggregate APE Units (Preferred)

  • 91.0% For
  • 8.3% Against
  • .07% Abstaining
  • 530.8 million For
  • 48.3 million Against
  • 4.2 million Abstain
Aggregate APE Units (Preferred)
FOR530.8 million91.0%
AGAINST48.3 million8.3%
ABSTAIN4.2 million.07%
Votes cast represent approximately 63% of outstanding APE Units

APE Votes proportionately cast by Depository (instructions not provided)

  • 91% for
  • 8.3% Against
  • .07 Abstaining
  • 315.4 million For
  • 28.7 million Against
  • 2.5 million Abstaining
  • Same as APE units that were voted

Proposal 2: Reverse split of Class A Common Stock at 1:10 ratio

  • 87.3% of vote cast for
  • 11.9% against
  • .08% abstaining
    • Aggregate Votes
    • 971.1 million For
    • 132 million Against
    • 9.1 million Abstain

Votes cast represent 67% outstanding shares entitled to vote.

Proposal 2 Preliminary Count
FOR971.1 million 87.3%
AGAINST132 million11.9%
ABSTAIN9.1 million.08%
Votes cast represent approximately 65% of outstanding APE Units

Proposal 2 AMC Common (that voted)

  • 70.4% for
  • 28.2% Against
  • 1.4% Abstain
  • 128.4 million For
  • 51.4 Against
  • 2.6 million Abstain

Votes cast represent approx. 35% of outstanding AMC shares.

APE Preferred Unit aggregate

  • 90.6% For
  • 8.7% Against
  • .07% Abstain
  • 528.7 million For
  • 50.5 million Against
  • 7.1m Abstain

Votes cast represent 63% of outstanding APE

APES without instructions

  • 90.6% For
  • 8.7% Against
  • .07% Abstain
  • 314.1 million For
  • 30 million Against
  • 2.4 million Abstain

Proposal 3 – Meeting adjournment for additional meetings if necessary

  • 87.2% In favor
  • 11.6 Against
  • 1.2 Abstain

Final tabulation report will be reported on SEC Form 8k

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AMC Special Shareholders Meeting Link

Today at 11:00 am central, join the audio webcast of the AMC Entertainment Special Meeting of Shareholders.

AMC Entertainment’s special meeting of shareholders on Tuesday, March 14 at 11:00 am central time. On proposals crucial for our future.

The meeting will be webcast live, and we encourage you to listen.

To sign in:

Investors and interested parties should go to the website ( at least 15 minutes before the earnings webcast to register, and/or download and install any necessary audio software.

  • Tuesday, March 14, 2023
  • Time: 11:00 AM CDT / 12:00 PM EDT

More info:

Press release (click to view)

May God be with us and hold the markets to our needs.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

This communication may be deemed solicitation material in respect of the Special Meeting of
Stockholders (the “Special Meeting”) of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (“AMC” or the “Company”)
scheduled to be held on March 14, 2023 to vote on amendments to the Company’s Certificate of
Incorporation that, together, if approved will enable all outstanding AMC Preferred Equity Units
(“APEs”) to convert into shares of the Company’s Class A common stock, par value $0.01 per share (the
“Common Stock”) as a result of an increase the number of authorized shares of Common Stock and a 10-
for-1 reverse split of the Common Stock.
This communication does not constitute a solicitation of any
vote or approval of the proposals to be voted on at the Special Meeting. In connection with the Special
Meeting, the Company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and mailed to its
stockholders a proxy statement regarding the business to be conducted at the Special Meeting. The
Company may also file other documents with the SEC regarding the business to be conducted at the
Special Meeting. This communication is not a substitute for the proxy statement or any other document
that may be filed by the Company with the SEC.


Stockholders may obtain a free copy of the proxy statement and other documents the Company files
with the SEC (when available) through the website maintained by the SEC at The
Company makes available free of charge on its investor relations website at copies of materials it files with, or furnishes to, the SEC.

About AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe, and the largest throughout the world with approximately 950 theatres and 10,500 screens across the globe. AMC has propelled innovation in the exhibition industry by: deploying its Signature power-recliner seats; delivering enhanced food and beverage choices; generating greater guest engagement through its loyalty and subscription programs, website, and mobile apps; offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming. For more information, visit

#amc #ape #stockmarket #shareholdersmeeting

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AMC Special Shareholder’s Meeting 3/14/23

Read the Proxy Statement:

Vote as soon as possible

YOUR VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT, REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF SHARES OF COMMON STOCK AND/OR SERIES A PREFERRED STOCK (OR APES REPRESENTING SUCH SHARES OF SERIES A PREFERRED STOCK) YOU OWN. Regardless of whether you plan to attend the Special Meeting, it is important that your shares of Common Stock and/or Series A Preferred Stock (or APEs representing such shares of Series A Preferred Stock) be represented and voted at the Special Meeting, and we hope you will vote as soon as possible. You may vote by submitting a proxy over the internet or by telephone, or by mailing the enclosed proxy or voting instruction card pursuant to the instructions provided in the accompanying proxy statement (as applicable), or by attending the Special Meeting in person.

The Gist


One AMC Way
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, Kansas 66211

Re: Special Meeting to Increase the Number of Authorized Shares of Common Stock and Authorize a 1 for 10 Reverse Stock Split of our Common Stock to Enable Conversion of AMC Preferred Equity Units into Shares of Common Stock

Dear Stockholder:

You are cordially invited to attend a special meeting of stockholders (the “Special Meeting”) of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (the “AMC”, the “Company,” “we”, “our” or “us”), to be held on March 14, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. (Central Time), at AMC Theatre Support Center, located at One AMC Way, 11500 Ash Street, Leawood, Kansas 66211, unless postponed or adjourned to a later date. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to vote on amendments to the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation that, together, if approved will enable the Company’s AMC Preferred Equity Units (“APEs”) to convert into shares of the Company’s Class A Common Stock, par value $0.01 per share (the “Common Stock”) as a result of an increase the number of authorized shares of Common Stock and a reverse split of our Common Stock.

The ProposalsThe Company is holding the Special Meeting for the following purposes, as more fully described in the accompanying proxy statement:

1. Proposal No. 1: To approve an amendment to our Third Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation (our “Certificate of Incorporation”) to increase the total number of authorized shares of Common Stock from 524,173,073 shares of Common Stock to 550,000,000 shares of Common Stock (the “Share Increase Proposal”);

2. Proposal No. 2: To approve an amendment to our Certificate of Incorporation to effectuate a reverse stock split at a ratio of one share of Common Stock for every ten shares of Common Stock, which together with the Share Increase Proposal, shall permit the full conversion of all outstanding shares of Series A Preferred Stock into shares of Common Stock (the “Reverse Split Proposal” and collectively with the Authorized Share Increase Proposal, the “Charter Amendment Proposals”); and

3. Proposal No. 3: To approve one or more adjournments of the Special Meeting, if necessary, to permit further solicitation of proxies if there are not sufficient votes at the time of the Special Meeting to approve and adopt the Charter Amendment Proposals (the “Adjournment Proposal”).

​Each of the Share Increase Proposal and the Reverse Split Proposal is cross-conditioned on the approval of the other, such that approval of both proposals is required for each of them to take effect.

In order to effect the conversion of APEs into Common Stock, stockholders must approve BOTH the Share Increase Proposal and the Reverse Split Proposal. The Share Increase Proposal alone will not create sufficient authorized Common Stock, without the Reverse Split Proposal, to enable the conversion to occur. Nor will the Reverse Split Proposal alone satisfy the terms of the Series A Preferred Stock to enable the conversion to occur. Details regarding how to attend the Special Meeting and the Share Increase Proposal, the Reverse Split Proposal and the Adjournment Proposal are more fully described in the accompanying notice of special meeting of stockholders and proxy statement. The Company encourages you to read the entire proxy statement, and the other annexes to the proxy statement, carefully and in their entirety


Q&A About Proxy:

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Watch “Adam Arron at the Metreon SF 9/23/22 Avatar $ AMC” on YouTube

During the pandemic, I began investing in the stock market. I was slow to act and extremely timid at first, but my nature leans towards high-risk, high-reward scenarios.

In January 2021, I began investing in AMC Theaters to combat the short attack by which hedge funds were attempting to bankrupt AMC for their gain.

Retail investors (non-institution) of AMC are called Apes. Not sure how the moniker came about but it’s now proudly worn by millions of people around the world.

In this video, Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, speaks to his army of Apes about our mutually beneficial relationship. This is a great share from @CEOAdam
on the love affair between @AMCTheatres and #retailinvestors. It’s also insightful regarding business finance while in survival mode.