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Why are men so frustrating?

Why are men so frustrating? The older I get, the less patience and interest I have for their foolishness, especially when unsolicited and unnecessary. This particular interaction resulted from me asking two professional contractors for information on day laborers.

I didn’t cover in the video that I was also extremely taken aback by how forcefully these two men (black) were against the idea of me getting help for anything less than an exorbitant amount of money. Even as I repeatedly explained that I could move the materials (70 drywall sheets from driveway to second floor) over a period of days on my own, but getting 3 to 4 men to help would reduce the task to about an hour or so. Definitely less than two hours. Not only did they insist the task helpers get paid, but they were insisting on union rates of $85 to $100 per hour per person. I asked repeatedly if they were serious, and they never deviated from this ridiculous opinion.

As an active laborer on a project I’m personally financing, it’s hard for me to take anyone seriously when they speak condescendingly from a one-dimensional perspective. The union contractor bragged about keeping a full wallet and being on the job for 35 years, but his 2 examples of paying more than double a decent rate for basic services told me he doesn’t know anything about money or project management.

I may seem frugal, but I’m working with what I have. Becoming reckless with my limited resources will not get me to a completed project.

That being said, I’ve learned a great deal from most of the contractors I’ve worked with and those who bid on work but didn’t follow through. Without a doubt, the best information initially came from me knowing nothing and the men happily talking my ears off. However, I took notes. Most provided fuller contextual information when I followed up with my progress updates and questioned what they meant when they said xyz.

I’m still a novice, but I don’t require hand-holding. And I certainly don’t have time for outright foolishness.

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Update: Rehab Progress

Pre rough-in electrical inspection walk through of my gut rehab – with some gems of wisdom.


  • Life is never a straight line. You can’t avoid doing the work.
  • “Be stubborn with the vision, but flexible with the details. ~ Jeff Bezos

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