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Harvest Life 2022 Content Engagement Goals

Spoiler: More audio and video!

💻 Zoom Bible Study
🎙Conversations/Interviews (#twitter #spaces + #zoom)
🏠 Home Ownership

What topics are you interest in? Share in the comments.

Watch for additional details here:

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Thank you for Contractors

What’s a new day without gratitude or a new year without reflection? Woke up with the contractors who showed up to perform heavy on my mind. Frustrating processes, but grateful for the results. Keep moving, folks. The only way it doesn’t work out is if you don’t put in the work.

Peace, joy, and gratitude to you all. Be sure to give yourself grace, space and opportunity. You are the writer and executer of your story.

Message on photo: “Happy New Year! We’ve come a long way.
Thank you for your expertise, suggestions and contributions.
All the best for a Healthy & Prosperous 2022!”

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Update: Rehab Progress

Pre rough-in electrical inspection walk through of my gut rehab – with some gems of wisdom.


  • Life is never a straight line. You can’t avoid doing the work.
  • “Be stubborn with the vision, but flexible with the details. ~ Jeff Bezos

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Tenth Lane

As shared on Instagram @ljonesrealtor

This is the current apple of my eye. Haven’t named her yet though.

Video from my first walk-through with an old friend, Ron, whose a general contractor.

While I was still in AZ, I was shopping online for investment opportunities I could begin working on #asap and that would keep me occupied through the summer. My target cities were: #Atlanta , #Baltimore , #Detroit and #Milwaukee . I focused on city-owned properties, city programs and opportunities. I really thought I would be in ATL digging into that market by now, but God obviously had other plans.My sister is in Milwaukee. I’m normally not sentimental, but I was really ill a year ago and the thought of being in closer proximity to my closest family member (only living sibling) was really appealing. MKE gained prominence on the list by romanticizing the idea of spending a summer in the same city as my sister for the first time in nearly 20 yrs. Needless to say, she ghosted me within a week or two. 😫

Whether we spend time together or not doesn’t impact my investment plans.My goal was to find a city I could begin building an investment portfolio in. My aversion to returning to my old hometown, Milwaukee, colored how I viewed any opportunities here. My sister’s part in this process was to get me here with the least amount of resistance. That she did. Now that I’m here, I think #MKE is the best fit for me financially, historically, emotionally, and geographically.

I don’t plan on being here for the winters, however, so ATL is still in play. 😉 And honestly, winter in NYC never bothered me. 🙃 We’ll see….

While on my road trip earlier this year, I put in 3 offers for city-owned properties. This is the only one that was accepted. Quite honestly, I’m relieved. I would probably be crying daily if I was committed to rehabbing 2-3 properties immediately as a first-time flipper. This property will cost a lot more to restore than what the City projected, but I’m okay with the challenge.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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