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    Poem: If, in leaving a place…

    If, in leaving a place, Those you leave behind Sigh in relief and Give thanks to God For your departure Then you can trust that You offered no good Provided nothing of substance Added no value To the space you vacated. If, in leaving a place, Your absence Brings relief and praise Then your presence must Lend towards darkness. Hate, malice, venom – These are choices. You choose to do wrong. Plot to go out of your way To cause harm. You speak death even as You’re wrapped in the embrace of life. I have no sympathy for your wayward travels. I spoke caution for the danger You’re rushing towards Offered…

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    Prayer and a song

    Waking up with a song in my heart, mind and spirit is one of the most encouraging and soothing things I’ve experienced in my faith walk. Last night I attended our weekly prayer service. I took a long way – a bike ride along the Hudson River Greenway with a pause on a park bench to contemplate the setting sun and my barren life. My spirits were low. My heart was heavy. My mind and my body were extremely tired. Eventually, due to the limited time I had the bike share bike for, I pulled myself from the bench and continued riding until I got to church. I was an…

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    “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!”

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!” Remember when Superman caught Lois Lane mid-air and said these words to her? Lois looked at him incredulously and said, “You’ve got me, but who’s got you?!?!” I never thought of it this way, but it’s just come to me. She wasn’t interested in his power. She wasn’t interested in his strength. Nor his ability to fly. She wasn’t even impressed that he had saved her from certain death. Her one and only question was about HOW he was able to do that. WHO was EMPOWERING him? In other words, she could have said: Yeah, you may have me for the moment, but when your…

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    How’s Your Heart?

    I had always thought I resembled the good ground that received the seed and nurtured it into abundant reproduction, but as I reread the parable of the sower in light of the question being put to me, “How’s your heart,” along with a sermon of the same name, I began to see how my heart was close to transforming into a thorny, barren wasteland. Was the Word being choked out of me through all my disappointing interactions with people?

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    Interview: Matt & Sarah Hammitt on Their Marriage & Song (Lead Me)

    Goodness, there’s nothing to add to Matt and Sarah’s words. They discuss elements of their marriage that lead to Matt writing Lead Me for his band, Sanctus Real. Click below to listen. The Story Behind “Lead Me” – Sanctus Real from BrightBulb Entertainment on Vimeo. Read more about the song in “A Tale of Two Couples: Lead Me at a Glance” Prayers

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    Duality of Man: Strength and Vulnerability

    The song is a prayer for God to lead the man – the husband, the father – to be the strength of his family – the provider, comforter and defender – through the grace and power of God. It’s a moving prayer asking for the strength to love with his presence and the best offerings of his life. It’s such a vulnerable plea, but there’s so much power in it.