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    ACAD – Praise: Psalm 49

    Why Should I Fear in Times of Trouble? To the choirmaster. A Psalm of the Sons of Korah. Hear this, all peoples!     Give ear, all inhabitants of the world, both low and high,     rich and poor together! My mouth shall speak wisdom;     the meditation of my heart shall be understanding. I will incline my ear to a proverb;     I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre. Why should I fear in times of trouble,     when the iniquity of those who cheat me surrounds me, those who trust in their wealth     and boast of the abundance of their riches? Truly no man can ransom another,    or give…

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    Summary of Lessons Learned in December 2012

    by LaShawnda Jones Click on the passage to read the full post. Enjoy and Happy New Year to all! Lesson of the season: Our true strength comes from within – from the indwelling Spirit of Christ sustaining us. What you cannot do for yourself, the Holy Spirit will guide and carry you through. This was by far one of the loneliest physical moments of my life, yet I had never been more sure of God’s presence being with me. In that regard, it was by far one of the most enlightening moments of my life. Lesson 2: When we are able to accept our greatness with a humbleness of spirit…

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    Pride is all about self

    There is nothing of God in your pride or self-professed righteousness. Pride is all about what you want for yourself, what you like for yourself, what you do for yourself and any other self-seeking pleasures you decide to pursue (for yourself). There is no room for God in this scenario because there is no room for the needs of other people. Today’s lesson: Get over yourself. It’s an easy process once you commit to it and it’s far more fulfilling than anything you can ever do for yourself in your own power. Step 1: Look at someone else. Really see them. Step 2: Ask someone about their life. Really hear…

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    God resists the proud

    I’ve learned over the years that when I stand in my own importance, my own right, my own preferences at the detriment of another that the struggle with that person becomes intense and painful. These struggles always last much longer than any of the conflicts do where I CHOOSE to make an effort to see the issue from the other person’s perspective. When I step out of my own sense of self and attempt to understand the needs of the other person, the conflict lessens, and the hostilities dissipate. Even when I don’t agree. Even when I don’t want to soothe things over – i.e. I would rather fight until I dominate the…

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    Pride of sin

    I’ve been wanting to do a series on pride for months now. The desire was particularly strong during Pride month when it struck me how proud people are of the sins they commit against themselves and against God. So proud, in fact, that they not only justify the sin, they celebrate it. This is not an attack against any particular sin, it’s an attack against all sin. No sin is better than any other. And just because you commit a sin that makes you feel good doesn’t make the sin good.   Today’s lesson: The sin you’re proud of, is the sin that will destroy you. Destruction comes in many forms, but ultimately, destruction is separation…

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    Pride. Such a simple word capable of great destruction. Pride doesn’t necessarily start off looking like a bad thing, though. People can “be proud of” someone and proud of their accomplishments. If it stops there – simply an impressed celebratory reaction to an element of life – no big deal. But pride rarely stops there. Look at sports fanatics and political diehards for example. The fanatic and the diehard started out as people who were most likely proud of some aspect of the team or political leanings they support. However repeated exposure to the object or idea of their pride increases their intensity. We may not all be fanatics or diehards with our…

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    Pride Fail

    Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.  ~ John 15:20 I would like to humbly say that I am a humble person, but chances are that statement would have more of a prideful boast to it than a humble acceptance. I don’t think I’m the most proud person I’ve encountered on earth, but apparently some overbearing arrogance stubbornly clings to my character. I’ve noticed recently that my pride is strongest when I’m hurt the most. It’s something about the need to project an air…

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    Who Are You Building For?

    When you dedicate yourself – your life – to God, when you submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and lean on the teachings of Jesus Christ everything you do is imbued with His essence. Everything. You don’t have to draw attention to yourself, however people will be drawn to you – not because of who you are but because of whose you are