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Give Yourself Permission to Be Uncertain

This is about fragility, vulnerability, uncertainty, poor decisions and giving yourself permission to do things over when you’re in a better mental state.

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Marriage & Relationship Study Primer

I’ve mined the depths of my blog to give you easy access to material related to Marriage & Relationship: Modern Concepts vs. Biblical Practices! This list was pulled from eleven years of content to aid, boost or guide study. Read through at your leisure.


Study: Courage to Trust God’s Plan
Study: Courage to Build, Maintain and Restore Relationships
Study: Courage to Hear, See, Believe and Obey God
Faith Study, Part 1: The One in Whom We Believe (Hebrews)
Women in the Bible: RUTH

Bible Chapters

A Chapter a Day: Ruth 1
A Chapter a Day: Ruth 2
A Chapter a Day: Ruth 3
A Chapter a Day: Ruth 4
ACAD – Nations: Genesis 17
ACAD – Nations: Genesis 18
ACAD – Praise: Genesis 29
ACAD – Blessings: Genesis 48
ACAD – Praise: Genesis 49
Romans 8: Life in the Spirit…, God’s Everlasting Love
ACAD – Helper: Hebrews 13

Pop Culture vs. The Bible

Pop Culture vs. The Bible: Intro
Pop Culture vs. The Bible: For the Sake of His Praise


A Personal Relationship with God is Paramount
Khalil Gibran on Joy and Sorrow
My Greatest Enemy
Proving Ground
People who hide themselves are impossible to know.
Devotional: Not My Will, But Yours
When Truth Destroys
Face-to-Face: Sharing God’s Glory With One Another
Kahlil Gibran on Reason and Passion


Who do you want to be like?
Trust no man… 
No hero is coming to save me.
Minister to me.
A Foolish Woman vs. A Wise Woman
Wife… do you respect me?
Women in the Bible: WOMEN of FAITH


A Faithless Man vs. A Faithful Man
Who will speak for this woman?
An Open Letter: Woman to Man
Husband… do you love me?


Man & Wife = Leadership & Management
25 Things to Think Twice About Before You Marry
My hopes for my marriage
Our Nakedness
Awareness of Nakedness
Sacrifice, Submission, Surrender
Interview: Matt & Sarah Hammitt on Their Marriage & Song (Lead Me)
Testimony: Charlie & Dorothy Duke: The Greatest Walk Ever
Samson’s Purpose was Greater than Marriage
Singleness is not the prize.
My husband is not my soul mate. Shawnda’s response to “My Husband is Not My Soul Mate”
He Is My Husband…
A Lesson in 1 Kings 13 – Man of God from Judah Meets the Old Prophet from Bethel
The Importance of Communication
Separation from the Unequally Yoked


Sermon: Family Matters – Present
Family Matters – Past
Sermon: Family Matters – Future
What are you teaching your children?

Faith & Obedience

Think on these things…
Are You Saying “NO” to God?
Pleasing God While in the World
Happy Thoughts in the Morning
Healed to the best of your understanding.


Meister Eckhart on love…
About Love
Show Me the Love
Can I Love You?
I asked to be a lover…
…and the people said “HELL NO!”
I Love You, But God Loves You More
Love Anyway: Things I Learned During My Harvest
Devotional: Love and Justice

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Love Anyway: Things I Learned During My Harvest

Desert of Solitude: Refreshed by Grace is available in print, Kindle and Nook formats. Purchase your copy at or today.

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Summary of Lessons Learned in September 2012

by LaShawnda Jones (unless otherwise noted)

Click on a lesson to link to its corresponding blog post.

Lesson 1: My tolerance of inconsiderate people enables them to continue to disrespect me.

Lesson 2: No, I’m not a sprinter, but I can still finish – and finish well.

Lesson 3: Waiting is hoping. If hope is good, then so must be the wait.

Lesson 4: The best I can do is accept and receive what God wants to make happen in my life.

Lesson 5: The size and difficulty of a challenge changes according to the perspective you gain from preparation and experience.

Lesson 6: When you plant a garden (of words, deeds, thoughts, actions) in a space or in a life, that reflects who you truly are, all that you plant will inspire others even in your absence.

Lesson 7: Bring hope and change into the life of a child. ~ Papa Joe, Unconditional the Movie

Lesson 8: No storm can take the sun away. The sun is always shining. You just have to take a walk on the clouds. ~ Sam, Unconditional the Movie

Lesson 9: When going to the next level, mode of transport is unimportant.

Lesson 10: Joy is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with how others appreciate or value you (or under-appreciate and undervalue you). Joy is about your capacity for gratitude….gratitude even for the fleeting fragrance of a flower.

Lesson 11: Seasons change. But the more people learn, the more they grow. Don’t avoid your lessons and resent your growth. Embrace even the pain of bursting through your emotional, psychological and spiritual retaining walls.

Lesson 12: We are not promised tomorrow. Be sure to celebrate your life today — even if you’re alone in your joy.

Lesson 13: Sometimes people are just jerks. There’s no excuse or explanation for their attitude or behavior. And I accept that I am not obligated to make myself available to be their cutting stone. Perhaps unfortunately, I have felt an increasing need to point out their unpleasantness as it is applied to me. Hopefully, that doesn’t make me into too much of a jerk….

Lesson 14: Sometimes it doesn’t get better until you make it better.