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Watch “Men sharing grace and gentle energy” on YouTube

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Over the last weeks, I’ve been feeling a shift in energy. Nothing has changed with me, so I don’t think I’m initiating the shift. Since I’m sharing encounters about men who for the most part don’t know each other, I think the shift is on the larger scale of planetary alignment or vortex vibrations through the universe. (😇 ha ha ha)

I’ve been posting clips of this video on Instagram (@harvestphoto1). The whole enchilada is a chuckle-fest of recent encounters with men that have left me laughing and feeling cared for. This is a far cry from the norm over the last few years that usually left me feeling violated, infuriated and disregarded. It’s an appreciation of being able to share moments of gentleness and grace with folks who prefer being gruffly obtuse.

Survive to tell your story.

Are you food for the predators? Or the one that got away? In this story, the man shares how he insured his family understood what “every man, woman and child for themselves” really means!

Having honest conversations with people with nothing to hide is refreshing. Be true to yourself. Your perspective and personality will leave an impact.

Leo Season!

As tired and haggard as I think I look sometimes, it’s nice to know it doesn’t completely show. Why would someone call me, “Liar in July”? Happy August, folks! Or as I like to say, Happy Birthday Month to ME! 😊

This is my girl!

If stated intentions confirmed courtship, I would be booed up with half the block at this point. One of my neighbors introduced me as his “girl” at a block party this weekend. His bold disregard for reality made me laugh. Where was all this energy in high school?

“I love you as a Woman of God and as a Friend”

Say it plain. Keep it simple. This text from a friend of thirty years, is still warming my heart!

Just wanted to say I love you so much …as a woman of God and as a friend. I also want to share how much I appreciate you for who you are and our connection as well. You are an amazing person and I’m honored to have you as part of my life’s experience. Many many blessings to you and talk soon. 👍🏽🤗🙏🏽✊🏽

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