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Song & Verse: Running in Circles by United Pursuit


I’m so forgetful
But You always remind me
You’re only One who brings me peace.

Thank You for Your Peace, Father.
Thank You for remembering Your purpose and plans for me.
Thank You for the many seeds You’ve planted and nurtured in my life.

I come
To tell You I love You
To tell You I need You
To tell You there’s no better place for me than in Your arms
To tell You I’m sorry
For running in circles
For placing my focus on the waves, not on your face

Thank You, Father, for being sufficient.
Thank You for being more than I could ever expect or ask for.
Thank You for being Everything – my All in All.

Father God, I thank You for loving me. Thank You for teaching me love relationship by relationship. I may forget lessons occasionally, but I always remember love. Thank You for filling me with Your Spirit, Father.

All glory, praise and honor to You.

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Thank You, Father God

If you’ve followed my blog or read any of my books, you have no doubt encountered some musings that may appear “too personal” to share. Surprisingly, I have no reservations about sharing the processes God puts me through in life. I consider it my duty, actually, to be truthful and honest about the work He is doing in me and through me. That being said, there are some things that I consider extremely personal. My journal is one such thing. My journal is basically an ongoing conversation with God. He is the person I am writing to in every entry. And He is the person who answers me through my writing as well. It’s been on my heart to share a recent entry and I’ve been debating and dragging my feet. But Thanksgiving Day seems an appropriate day to share such a personal “Thank You.”

from LaShawnda’s Journal

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Father God, thank You so much for holding me, keeping me and maintaining me. Thank You for communicating to me and with me. Thank You for comforting me, soothing me, calming me. Thank You for walking me through my hurt, anger, confusion, jealously, rejection, sense of inferiority and feeling unwanted by people. Thank You for holding me through my loneliness. Thank You for seeing my tears and letting me cry; thank You, Father for listening to my anguish and my sorrow as I weep. Thank You, Father for loving me enough to create me, redeem me and sustain me. Thank You, Father, for keeping me on Your path, for keeping me in Your will and for teaching me Your Word and for revealing my life to me step by step. Thank You for preparing me for all You have in store for me. Thank You for building me up and connecting me to You in a way that has me continually seeking You and checking that our connection has not loosened. Thank You for repeatedly humbling me and repeatedly raising me up again. Thank You, Father, for the seed of glory and faith I come from and thank You for the many seeds You’ve planted in me.

I thank You, Abba, for the woman You are cultivating me to be. I thank You for the ears that hear You, the eyes that see You, the heart that loves You and Yours, the mind that thinks beyond what it’s exposed to and the spirit that’s diving deeper and deeper into You. Thank You, Father, for Your Grace and Mercy, for Your Love and Patience. Thank You for Your Good Thoughts toward me and Your Diligent Plans for me. Thank You for all You have placed in my heart and set me to work nurturing. Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU!

I bless You, Father God. I praise You, Father. I honor You with all that I am. I glorify You with my life. Having said all this, I know I haven’t said enough. So continue to search me, Father, and cleanse me. Continue to renew my mind and spirit and keep me in right relationship with You. This is my prayer this morning – this day. By all that is Holy, by You, Father, in the most precious name of Your Dear Son, Jesus, and by Your most amazing indwelling Spirit, I say YES and AMEN to ALL You will have me do and receive and wherever You will have me go. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen.