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Song & Verse: ALL OF ME by John Legend

2013-09-24-08-43-10-1947824572Recently, I heard John Legend sing his new single, All of Me, live on David Letterman. The song took me away. A beautiful and emotionally eloquent expression of love. I rewound my TV twice to hear the song again and again. I haven’t bought popular music in years – at least I can’t remember the last time I bought a pop or R&B CD. A few days after hearing that song, just after ordering my coffee, I noticed John Legend’s CD, Love in the Future, for sale on the counter. Sold.

ALL OF ME by John Legend
c. 2013

I think what strikes me most about this song is hearing how far he’s come as a singer/songwriter expressing his maleness and his attitude regarding relationships. As he has evolved emotionally, his music has as well. His first CD was pretty much about how he couldn’t commit. How he didn’t want to be tied down. And how love was just this casual temporary thing people partake of for fun.

I skipped his next couple of CD’s… but a couple of years ago, I heard This Time from his CD titled Evolved. It was played during the then-series finale of The Game. My ears perked, eager to hear something good.

THIS TIME by John Legend

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