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Workspace Word Garden

I have four signs in my cubicle:





This week I added a fifth wood cut word:


JOY and PEACE sit up high on top of my cabinets. They can be seen from the front and the back.

LIFE IS GOOD, HAVE A GREAT DAY and LOVE sit under the cabinet with their own spotlight.

Each sign was placed with the thought of encouraging myself throughout the work day, week, month and year. However, the signs are only within my line a vision a couple times a day – when I’m approaching my desk. Otherwise my word garden is at my back. Then again, the signs are in the view of everyone who passes my desk… and everyone who approaches me at my desk.

Someone told me last year that one day had been particularly hectic and troublesome. She was really harried and had been rushing through the office trying to get things done. When she passed my desk, she told me, she had felt a sense of peace and she paused there in the calm. I hadn’t been there that day. I think that’s the most remarkable detail about this story. I had created a peaceful workspace in the midst of a hectic environment – so much so that my space brought calm even in my absence.

Many people have workspaces that are devoid of personality. Many others fill their workspace with momentos of home and career. I’ve unconsciously chosen to fill mine with good words.

Actually, that’s more true to my personality than any momento from the past.

Today’s lesson: When you plant a garden (of words, deeds, thoughts, actions) in a space or in a life, that reflects who you truly are, all that you plant will inspire others even in your absence.