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Summary of Lessons Learned in November 2012

LaShawnda Jonesby LaShawnda Jones (unless otherwise noted)

Lesson 1: Every little bit helps. When you combine your little bit with the little bit of others, you all can make a huge difference. Go out and be a blessing.

Lesson 2: “My brother need not be idealized or be enlarged in death beyond what he was in life. Be remembered simply as a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it; saw suffering and tried to heal it; saw war and tried to stop it.” ~ the late Senator Ted Kennedy eulogized his brother Robert Kennedy.

“Although I think they were equal partners, my mother took a step behind and she was supporting Daddy. And after we lost him, I think she felt the need to become more of a leader.” ~ Kathleen Kennedy

Lesson 3: Sometimes your presence is all that’s needed. More than words. More than service. More than a hope for something in the future. Your presence today, right now, is a bigger blessing to those whose eyes have an expectation to rest on you.

Lesson 4: Keep moving forward. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. The next generation is close behind you – jumping from one of your foot prints to the next and gazing up at you as a benchmark for all they aspire to be. You have already made an impact; what you do next will determine how much greater your impact will be.