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IN THE NEWS: Have you heard about Rhonda Lee?

Rhonda LeeRhonda Lee was fired for responding to a Facebook post on her TV station’s page suggesting she either “wear a wig or grow more hair” because she doesn’t look fit for TV as she is. She says she asked her supervisors to either remove the comment or respond to it. A number of days went by with no action on the stations’ end so she responded to the viewer herself. She was very respectful in telling him she was proud of the appearance God had given her and did not feel a need to alter her appearance for viewers like him (paraphrased).

Good for Rhonda for standing up for herself. I think much better than her former job is in store for her in the near future.

Read her response here:

Link to the Huffington Post’s article highlighting the TV stations response to Rhonda’s public complaint.

Today’s lesson: Sometimes there will be no one in your corner. Sometimes backlash from your actions will be extreme and unfair. None of that should ever keep you silent when you are being wronged. If you aren’t willing to speak up for yourself, there is no need to expect others to do so either. Use your voice – it’s the most powerful weapon you have.