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Film Review: GOD’S NOT DEAD


Notes taken during my viewing of Gods Not Dead
Notes taken during my viewing of Gods Not Dead

“The decisions you make now will have serious consequences.”

If you enjoy a good  Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, Jesus in the desert story, you’ll enjoy God’s Not Dead. This film pits a college freshman up against a celebrated philosophy professor and essentially academia. It’s a film that illustrates the fallout that can happen in your life when you truly take a stand for Jesus Christ in a culture that has no real opinion or passion about faith.

Are you willing to forfeit your family, your spouse/significant other, and your future plans in order to follow Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit? This question is the premise of the movie. From it the movie evolves into a series of situational choices and confrontations that could represent a day in any of our lives.

Theme verses of the film: Matthew 10:32-33 and Luke 12:48

The story follows certain interactions among a weary pastor, his visiting missionary friend, an anti-theist professor, a Christian college student, a college student from a Muslim family,  a backslider and a non-believing blogger.

“The most committed atheists were once Christians. We took the blinders off; we saw the world for what it is.”

The scene these words were spoken in was particularly powerful because it indirectly touched on the epidemic of “conditional faith”. People with conditional faith are willing to acknowledge God as long as He does the things they want Him to do in their lives. Once He ignores or refuses to act on a request, then the person with conditional faith will no longer be willing to believe in, worship or honor a God that didn’t accommodate their life.

This element makes God’s Not Dead an excellent teaching film on an individual or group level.

Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?