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Pride is all about self

Yoda-Launch-300x298There is nothing of God in your pride or self-professed righteousness. Pride is all about what you want for yourself, what you like for yourself, what you do for yourself and any other self-seeking pleasures you decide to pursue (for yourself). There is no room for God in this scenario because there is no room for the needs of other people.

Today’s lesson: Get over yourself. It’s an easy process once you commit to it and it’s far more fulfilling than anything you can ever do for yourself in your own power.

Step 1: Look at someone else. Really see them.

Step 2: Ask someone about their life. Really hear them.

Step 3: Fill a need. There is always a way to be helpful to others. You simply have to be present and willing to be of service.

Step 4: Repeat often.

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