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Interview: The Penuel Show w/Gerald Mwandiambira

This is an interesting conversation. There are a few points I disagree with both the host and guest on, but overall valid points are made.

Where they missed the boat

They think Black People have been colonized to the point of not being able to do basic human things, like dream of good futures. For example, Black People do dream and we do have goals beyond consuming material items. however, many Black People are beaten down by the system these two describe so well. The beat down deadens the dream, blinds the vision and kills hope. But none of that destroys the shadow, impression or memory of the dream. All a seed needs is proper watering and a bit of sun.

Also, we don’t all see ourselves as white people see us. These two are advocating alternative thinking to create alternative financial systems but they are still judging their own people by the enslavers’ narrative. What good is thinking a new way and doing new things if your treatment of the people you propose to do new things with is based in the denigrating mentality of enslavers?

Mwandiambira also thinks money’s purpose is to enslave people, i.e. get money, get slaves. He’s preaching capitalism out of one side of his mouth while insisting an alternative system is needed where Black People will have the money to enslave other people (of any race). That’s not an intention I’ve ever heard from a Black person. Most people I’ve talked to, no matter skin, age, background, want to have enough money to do and live as they want. To pay for their life needs and enjoy life. That’s what I want.

Standout points

  • People have lost respect for money 
    • — Money is a tool that should be mastered 
  • — Money is a tool that should be mastered 
  • — He says to enslave others to capitalism. I disagree. Money should be understood and mastered to pay for the things your life requires and to fund the things your purpose requires. 
    • — Money existed before capitalism. 
  • African common wealth system.  
  • — Livestock and grains belonged to everyone in village 
  • — Families lived, worked and prospered together 
  • They (Europeans) taught us (Africans) what we needed to know from their perspective. They didn’t teach us about who we are or even how we got our freedom. 
  • The biggest disruptor for anyone is poverty. Once you have lack, your mind pops like a popcorn.  
  • Financial decline makes people start thinking: what else, where else can I be? Migration. 
  • We can create a different financial system. They have taken away our minds to think of alternatives. They have taken us to a space where we just have to conform. How can we change the system for us? 
  • Wealth is created. It will not run out. 
  • How can we do things differently so that our eyes see what can empower us? Our ears hear what can empower us? Our mouths speak words that build. 
  • We’ve been taught to hate ourselves. How do we start loving ourselves first. Start there. Then we start hearing and seeing things differently. Start speaking words of edification and our hands will start doing things that are positive. 
  • Wealth is created by traveling. Money knows no borders. The reason why we don’t know how much money Europeans stole from Africa is because we’ve never been to their countries to see what they took. 
  • In order to understand money, travel. Once you travel, you get perspective. Once you have perspective you get vision. Once you have vision, you can have admission. Once you have admission, you can do it. Now, if you don’t travel, you will sit and consume what’s fed to you. The narrative is not under your control. 
  • Be aware. 
  • We need to embrace and understand those who traveled, why they came. 
  • They took away our tongues; we don’t even tell our own stories anymore. 
  • Self-hate has led to self-distrust. 
  • We see ourselves how they portray us. 

1. the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. 
2. careful management of available resources. 

  • Mansa Musa, a Malian Emperor, wealthiest known man in history (34:00m) 
  • — Pilgrimage to Mecca bankrupted Egyptian economy by giving gold to every poor person he saw. 


  • How does an economy function?
  • Economia: study of lack: you can not have an economy if someone is not lacking.
  • — Because Mansa Musa canceled the lack in Egypt, money could not flow.
  • — The moment you find equilibrium, you cannot have an economy. The system does not function.
  • — African economies were not built on lack. They were built on wealth. Abundance. Riches. Our African economic model was built on wealth giving birth to more wealth.  

Etymology. From economy, from Latin oeconomia, from Ancient Greek οἰκονομία (oikonomía, “management of a household, administration”), from οἶκος (oîkos, “house”) + νόμος (nómos, “management”)

List of books (48:00m)

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad 
  • Wealth of Nations 
  • e-Myth 

Questions to ask yourself

  • What is my dream home? 
  • What is my goal? 

What do you think?

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