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If you can’t move your mountain…

During a conversation with a friend recently, she mentioned how difficult it was to move the mountains in her life.

My response: “if you can’t move your mountain, beautify it.”

It was an automatic response. We both laughed. And we both pondered it. I’m still pondering….

I’ve learned that heavy lifting of any sort – especially whole life make-overs, overhauls or re-designs – takes some training. And perhaps plenty of planning about how to go about the training. In short: preparation is required before anyone can conquer and move a mountain in their life.

Basically, we need to get to know the mountain we’re trying to move. That getting-to-know period may take much longer than anticipated (read: years). So while you’re living with that mountain in your life, plant a tree or a garden you can enjoy until you build the muscle required to get that mountain out of your way.

Today’s lesson: The size and difficulty of a challenge changes according to the perspective you gain from preparation and experience.