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Panoramas of Israel

In 2012, I joined a Bible Study Tour of Israel. I had recently purchased my first DSLR camera, a Sony A33 and that was perhaps the first big trip I attempted to get some great images of. Unfortunately, the majority of the images were taken with a somewhat shaky hand and blurry eye. That hasn’t stopped me from saving them with a hope for future skills and software. So here we are.

I’ve dug into my archives to play with some of the panoramas I really wanted to work. All of the below images are composites. I combine images with Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE). The color edits are done in Lightroom. You can see where some additional touch-up are needed on the rougher images; that work will be done in Photoshop.

Learning how to do a high quality edit for my images has been a long-term goal. One of the best parts of 2020, is having the time to learn new skills and practice them and apply them to my work.

These are quick edits, but I think they illustrate a great amount of possibilities for creative work with tools created for the trade.

Jerusalem, Israel, City on Seven Hills. Looking across to Temple Mount. c. 2012
Haifa Bay, Israel. c 2012
Golan Heights, Israel looking towards Lebanon. c 2012
Tel Dan, Israel. c 2012

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Experimenting with Microcsoft ICE (photo stitching)

My first attempt at using Microsoft ICE. I couldn’t figure out how to straighten or crop. This was my submission for the ICE Photo Challenge.

TS 20140309_172031_stitch
Eventually (about 4wks later), I learned how to straighten and crop. Times Square, intersection of 51st & Broadway

On the Metro North platform at 125th St, Harlem

End of a pier in Tribeca, looking across at Jersey City, NJ

Taken today. I am enjoying learning how to stitch photos into panoramas in Microsoft ICE.