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Jesus’s purpose…

“…but I came to give life — life in all its fullness.”  ~ John 10:10, NCV

It’s not often that I get so riled that I allow myself to be dragged into another person’s pettiness. But this morning, that’s exactly what happened. My emotional reaction may be understandable to most people with the least amount of common sense and decency… at least I hope it is… even though that’s not really important.

I had to pull myself up short this morning, even as I was slipping into a rabbit hole of bickering with someone. Once I had a bit of vision beyond my red haze of rage and resentment, I gave the issue to God. “Father, take this! I’m breathing deep and I’m exhaling it all out of me. I don’t want this.”

The next thing I did was think about how well God has taken, and continues to take care of me. He has blessed me so much! My life is bursting with possibility, my heart is overflowing with hope, and my mind has expanded to horizons I had never even thought of. And I know there’s so much more to come!

Rage and Resentment were trying to box out my Joy.

Then John 10:10 came to mind. I initially thought the message was about the enemy’s purpose. A reminder that I should expect to be attacked by those who aren’t aware of their own blessings. But it wasn’t a reminder about the enemy’s purpose; it was a reminder about Jesus’s purpose!

Jesus Christ came to give me and you life. Not just any old kind of life. He came to give us LIFE IN ALL IT’S FULLNESS! 

When I reminded myself of God’s goodness to me, I also reminded myself my fullness. I don’t have any room for rage, resentment, pettiness, foolishness, envy, jealousy – all the animosity that was on offer to me this morning is nothing I chose to accept into my life.

Take time to truly thank God for all He has done for you. When you run out of breath, you’ll notice the arrows that were flung at you lay harmlessly on the ground.


Be joyous in all your blessings and you won’t have the time or energy to wallow in any of your sorrows!


Thief v Jesus purpose

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