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2014 Photo Challenge Submissions – Composition

Early last year, one of my neighbors told me about a photo challenge they were participating in with their spouse. It was a shared activity that got them walking in the park and around the City with their cameras. It sounded like a great way for me to become more knowledgeable about the DSLR I had purchased in 2011 and only took out for travel or special occasions. I began participating in the Photo Challenges in Week 8 (2014). After I posted Week 8, I went back a week and posted the Week 7 challenge as well and I have posted a photo every week since.

I am sharing my final submitted photos by challenge category: Composition, Landscape, Nature & Wildlife, Still Life, and Special Effects & Techniques. Learn more about the challenge here:

This has been and continues to be a wonderful photographic journey for me!

Here are my composition submissions for the 2014 Photo Challenge.

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After Midnight (PC, Wk 38)

I really had fun with Photo Challenge, Week 38 – Composition, Black & White! I knew I wanted to use my glittery no-place-like-home slippers which represent a cross between Cinderella and Dorothy to me. I also wanted to throw some autumn into the mix. I went shopping for some decorative pumpkins and found this beautiful one with a silver glitter “S” on it (the S represents multiple identities for me).

When I looked at my final submitted photo, I saw more than fantasy and a season. I saw the fulfillment of promise and the ability to reap a harvest today.

I titled the composition “After Midnight”.

I really love this set-up in color, though!