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Things Charlie Sheen Has Taught Me

Pop Culture vs. The Bible: Things Charlie Sheen Has Taught Me

1.      Never underestimate the redemptive power of full-time staff writers

2.      Getting off-script can destroy your life

3.      Self-idolization is just as destructive (if not more so) than idolizing others

4.      Self-delusion impedes good judgment

5.      Money and fame deludes one into thinking they are exempt from being a morally responsible human being

6.      Substance abuse deludes one into thinking they are more than they are and therefore indestructible

7.      When I have diarrhea of the mouth, it’s best to let it run its course in private (with no cameras or microphones… that means no web cams or tweeting either….)

8.      If I don’t learn from my last mistake, my next mistake is going to be much bigger and more damaging

9.      There will be many more people cheering on the road to destruction than there will be helping make corrections

10.  If my most ardent supporters are on my payroll, I really don’t want them to guard my back

So, I will:

1.      Stay faithfully focused on my one and only true God – the Most High, the Awesome and Marvelous, Most Glorious Creator of Heaven and Earth

2.      Maintain awareness of who I am in Christ, the one who strengthens me and the Holy Spirit who comforts me and my God who created me

3.      Continue to learn my script and perform my lines to the best of my ability (the Word of God, a.k.a. the Bible)

4.      Keep my Master’s instructions in my heart, my mouth, my mind, my spirit

5.      Be honest and truthful about my limitations, weaknesses, and failings

6.      Seek private conversation with God when I am overwhelmed, scared, confused, hurt or angered

7.      Be careful not to let the adulation, admiration, praise, kudos, accolades or other empty words leading to vanity go to my head and change my heart

8.      Understand that yes, I am special, but the world will continue to spin when I’m gone

9.      Never mistake popularity as favor

10.   Pray for the strength, fortitude, endurance and patience to win this race


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