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Poem: Superpower

by LaShawnda Jones

He thinks his superpower
is his handsomeness

Beautiful though he is,
his gentleness was my kryptonite
Until his cavalier dismissiveness
left callouses on my heart

He was a super man
when his strength represented
shelter for my vulnerability
I would’ve given anything to explore
the known and unknown universe in his arms
Holding him as he held me
I would have sacrificed
my selfishness to be his
fortress of solitude
Nurturing him even as he fed me

Though I prayed for a man
who stands strong in his power,
I truly need one
who revels in wielding his gentleness
Everything I’ve asked for in a partner,
I’ve worked to be a match
Love is my fortifying mantle,
compassion a laser focus

His short-sightedness
didn’t allow for any hope of us
My disappointment paved the way
to my own origin story:
She who sought love from another
found it within herself.

Published in Fantasies Wide Awake

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