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Poem: Midnight train to East Harlem 

Night crawler
Is me
Exiting the house after 6:00 pm 
 Looking for something to do
A place to be
Two hours in 
One event down
What else to do
Where else to go 
Anyplace but
Home alone
The City that never sleeps 
Always seems to remind me 
I sleep and live alone
Every night and day
🎶In the jungle the mighty jungle 
The lion sleeps tonight 🎵🎵But I don’t really sleep
Last movie of the night 
Sorry to Bother You 
Was a bother to get to 
And ironically to stay awake for 
Walking through the 
East Village to the 6 train 
Felt like a stroll along 
A desolate road 
Sitting on a train full 
Of empty looking fellow city dwellers
There was finally 
some comfort in going home 

LaShawnda Jones, 09/19/18

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