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COURAGEOUS – The best movie you’ll see this year!


What a fitting finale to my COURAGE Study! And it wasn’t planned by me! Believe that! I have been studying courage for two months now. If you’ve been following along, we started with The Courage to Hear, See, Believe and Obey God. We moved on through additional courageous situations that built on to our foundational relationship with God. This build up took up to The Courage to Build, Maintain and Restore Relationships followed by The Courage to Trust God’s Plan.

On September 30th, I saw COURAGEOUS, a movie about men answering God’s call to Fatherhood. Who knew this is where the study was taking me – taking you? I didn’t. but I’m so glad I stuck with it. I hope you are too. See a couple of movie trailers below.

Courageous movie trailer

Courageous – Opening scene
Yes, folks, this is how it begins and it’s a pure emotional and spiritual rush from this scene on!

Courageous – “When did you first think of yourself as a man?”
I will note here that I first thought of myself as a “full grown” woman in my early thirties – when I began to focus on and follow the Word of God. Before then, I still thought of myself and referred to myself as “a girl.” I loved this question and discussion!

Courageous – “You are a rich man!”

Courageous – Finishing Well
I had a conversation with a cousin a month or so ago. She mentioned how she was not set up well in life – her parental models were destructive and debilitating. I told her I wasn’t set up well either, but that didn’t stop me from doing better. I intend to finish well and by the grace of God, I will.

Heart of Courageous – the making of the movie

For more information about the movie and the ongoing efforts of the writers and producers, go to their website:

On A Personal Note

This movie moved me enough to share the below message on the movie’s Facebook page. I’m sharing again because I know my situation is all too common – hence the need for such a movie and movement:

I absolutely LOVE this movie! Half-way through, I knew it was the BEST movie I’ve seen all year – one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I’m single with no children (yet) and waiting on God to bring me my husband. I had a father who was abusive with his actions and childlike in his thinking. He didn’t love, he didn’t serve and he didn’t provide. I grew up thinking that men had no real value as husbands or fathers. It wasn’t a conscious thought but it was there. Over the past 12 yrs or so, God has been reworking my mind and my heart in terms of how I view men, relationships and marriage. He has gotten me to the point of being able to SEE what His true plans are for husbands/fathers, wives/mothers, the family unit and the relationships that bind them – starting with each person’s relationship with God. While I was watching COURAGEOUS, I KNEW I was watching a keepsake for my family. I knew I was watching a movie that I would share year after year with my husband and our children. God has blessed you with such a gift and opportunity – thank you for being obedient and following through and sharing it! Continue to walk in your blessings.       – LaShawnda Jones

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2 thoughts on “COURAGEOUS – The best movie you’ll see this year!

  1. Hi there
    Want to share my thoughts on Courageous as well.
    Loved every minute of it – a superb film.

  2. absolutely great film – can’t wait to start the Courageous study with my men’s group.

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