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11 Years of Blogging! Oh, my!

Eleven years ago today, I posted my first blog on these here inter-nets. “Can I Love You?” was written in the early days of my committed and purposeful faith walk. It’s as sincere and earnest as I’ve ever been in my writing. Several years later, it was followed by a post titled, “…and the People said ‘Hell NO!‘”

Ha! Life certainly rings us full circle!

Many believers attempt to paint the act of loving your neighbor – your fellow human beings – as such a delicate, soft expression of faith. That hasn’t been my experience with love in any form. Loving others has been a harsh, eye-opening refining fire for me. Yet through it all, my battered and bruised heart continues to beat and remains cautiously willing to embrace my fellow human beings.

Blogging has been a great writing outlet for me. Through the years, I’ve hosted about six blogs on WordPress. Before WordPress, I was posting on MySpace. After MySpace, I shared Notes on FaceBook. So far, it has all culminated in three published books:

Each book is available in the Harvest Life Store, and

Click to read Can I Love You?  and here to read …and the People said ‘Hell NO!

Cheers to many more years of exploring and refining my encounters with love.

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