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[A rebuke from the Lord]

Where is your hospitality?
What happened to your love?
Your charity? Your kindness?
Why are you growing weary?
Did I not promise to keep you?
Refresh you? Restore you?
Are you not certain that you will overcome your current trials?
Have you noticed how hardhearted you’ve become?
Why did you allow that to happen?
Where is your tenderness?
Your mercy? Your understanding and appreciation?
Why have you given up on Me?
Have I not promised to never forsake you?
Have I not given you My strength?
Have I not assured you of victory in every test?
What have you to fear?
When you call, do I not answer?
When you seek, do you not find Me?
When you cry, do I not comfort you?
By what right do you withhold My Charity?
By what right do you withhold My Hospitality?
Who are you to focus only on yourself?
Have you gotten up from your surrender?
Have you decided to go another way?
You are My chosen and I am yours.
There is no agreeable time to forget that you are not your own.
You are mine.
Those who are called by Me,
For My purposes
Are not free to forget
Whom they serve.
You are not free to forget
That your life is an offering.
That your blessings are not solely for your comfort;
They are for the benefit of My Kingdom.
You are not free to forget
Humbleness, graciousness, gratitude…
You denied Me when you denied her.
Did you realize that?
What you do for the least of My people 
You do unto Me.
What you withhold from My people
You withhold from Me.
Nothing you own is yours.
Everything you have belongs to Me.
Who are you to deny My hospitality?
Where is your defense?

[Response from my contrite heart.]

Abba. Father, I have no defense for myself.
My only saving grace is You.
I am sincerely sorry for thinking only of myself;
For allowing the seed of selfishness to bloom in me.
I repent of being absorbed in my own
Sadness, melancholy, hurts and fears,
Of seeing only my own disappointments.
I sincerely ask Your forgiveness for causing offense to one of Your children.
I thank You for your light and insight. I thank You for Your rod of correction and the training You provide.
I thank You for the opportunity to right my behavior and change my reaction.
I thank You for the ability to serve You.
I thank You, Father God, for Your hospitality and Your Spirit in me.

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