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Test Shoot: Get It Right & Tight Fitness

This summer, I upgraded my photography gear with the intent of going professional. In order to get some quality practice with the new camera and gear, as well as test my concept for my new project, I AM WOMAN, I reached out to a couple of former colleagues and asked for a bit of their time in front of my camera. Lyndia was happy for a cross-promotional opportunity and was ready to shoot within a couple of days.

Lyndia Alvarez, known across social media as Coach Lyndia, is a certified personal trainer in Manhattan. She’s based in Harlem, but can accommodate personal clients around New York City.

Coach Lyndia provides in-person and online personal training to women determined to get and stay in shape. She’s committed to helping women achieve their fitness goals through one-on-one consultations and creating personal exercise programs. With a passion for training women on to how lose weight, tone up, and eat according to their goals, Coach Lyndia partners with her clients on the road to becoming the best version of themselves.

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Image gallery from our photo shoot

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