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Sermon:What’s in Between Ask and Receive

What’s in Between Ask and Receive

by Tim Dilena


God will never give you something you’re not ready for.

It’s always the journey before the answer – before the “thing”.

The delay is usually not God, it’s us – our growth, our maturity.

Because God is a Father, He will not give you a position or a possession that you will sabotage due to your own immaturity.

When you ask, it’s not the “thing” you get, it’s the journey you get that gets you ready for the thing you asked for.

This is where we get frustrated. We’re looking for the thing and God puts in school to get ready for it.


Always take note when the Bible gives you the age of someone. You will see their process through life.

We think delay is denial. Delay is not God’s refusal, it’s human immaturity.

Reference passages:

John 14

Acts 7

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