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You are the change…

You are the change you have been waiting for. No one else can ignite your world the way you can just by making a decision for your life and following through with it.

Someone told me this week after denying a request of mine, “You have to make sure it’s worth it for you.”

Basically, the message was: they weren’t going to help me with what I had decided to do, so if I planned to follow-through on my decision, I had to make sure the effort was worth it for me.

That stung. It also energized me. I had been getting cold feet about my decision, but that one comment reminded me that change in my life is not dependent on anyone helping me with my load. It’s not dependent on anyone being present in my life. Change in my life is not dependent on anyone or anything but ME. It depends on how I see myself, not in this moment but in the next. It depends on what I believe I can accomplish and the steps I commit myself to in order to reach my goal(s). I AM the change I’ve been waiting for. You are the change you’ve been waiting for.

Change = decide + do

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