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Women, Power & Greatness

I have been fortunate to work for powerful women for most of my work life. They aren’t running the world, but they are certainly running their lives and are sought-after leaders in their professions. I didn’t get along with some and others were difficult to acclimate to. There were even some rocky patches with the women with whom I formed very good work relationships. Every woman I have ever worked for has been opinionated, outspoken, ambitious, direct and unapologetically herself. That is what I love and respect about each of them. The ones I didn’t get along with were the ones who didn’t respect me as an individual with thoughts independent of theirs. The ones I worked well with, were the ones who not only respected my individuality but also respected my counsel.

When you stand in the presence of greatness – any form of greatness – you learn to be a greater version of yourself.

Just as iron sharpens iron, greatness begets greatness.



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