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Umbrella Logo for All Trades

Rebranding has been, and will most likely continue to be, a long process. Perhaps its better to view this process as an evolution. Each stage of my entrepreneurial pursuits have been distinctly focused on certain elements of life.

I began as Jazzy Media in 2004, targeting sensuality and media. My work was about showcasing and promoting full-figured women. In 2014, I morphed into Spirit Harvest as it felt imperative to represent my shift from the flesh to the spirit. In late 2018, Harvest Life emerged to signify a period of harvesting everything that has been seeded in me.

Throughout the years, I’ve expanded my skills from writing and publishing to photography and real estate. Since life encompasses the totality of existence, I’ve really wanted Harvest Life to encompass everything I do to support myself. To this end, my biggest challenge has been figuring out how to join publishing, photography and real estate under one business umbrella.

Societal programing teaches that we focus on one thing and do it well for life. I’ve never towed any line well. I enjoy using different parts of my mind and applying my knowledge to different things. Learning new things and sharing new understandings is the joy of life.

Social media makes branding and rebranding seem simple. It can be, perhaps, when what you do fits into common formats. However, when you try to pull together disparate, somewhat unrelated industries as your primary services, branding and rebranding can become quite complex. Seeking help from *experts* hasn’t been helpful as they tend to guide you in the way of the common – the roads most traveled. It has been a waste of time and money trying to get *experts* to understand my uncommon goals. Without understanding, how could they possibly help me forge something from nothing? Or guide me towards manifesting my vision of making a living from the work of my hands?

As I’ve worked to create an umbrella logo and marketing plan for my writing/publishing, photography and real estate ventures, the questions I’ve been asking myself are:

  • How to create a structure that supports everything I want to build?
  • How to design a logo that encapsulates all I do?
  • How to promote myself and my services in a cohesive way?

I finally developed a very simple logo series to represent services I provide. Take a look below.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

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