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The Hat

When a trip starts off with a quick hale of a taxi and a traffic free ride from East Harlem to JFK airport and a nearly unexisitent line at security check-in that allows time for a sit down breakfast before getting to the gate …. well this can only mean big things are going to happen in a good way!

A couple of weeks ago, I got this beautiful white sun hat with the word “Blessed” sewn on the brim in black sequins. I bought it with the vision of sitting on a beach in my mind. Since this trip is one to the dessert, I almost decided to leav it behind. Actually had a full conversation with myself as I rushed around this morning trying to get out the house.

It’s white. It’s going to get dirty in the dusty dessert.

But you bought to wear it.

But it says “Blessed”…

Some hats say a lot worse.

…not that Blessed is bad.


But it’s like I’m bragging.


It’s like I’m a braggert. People don’t need to know I’m blessed.

Are you blessed?

Yes. Literally from my head to my feet.

Then proclaim it.

I went right away to grab my hat and put it with my luggage. Before I ran out the door, I also grabbed a lowkey tan visor.

After organizing in the taxi, I put both hats onmy head when I got out. Visor first, topped with the sun hat. When I got to swcurity, one of the agents looked at me and said, “Look at her, she’s ready for the sun. She’s double protected!”

“Yes, double protected – I like that.”


Mental note: God is bold with His provision. We should also be bold with our acceptance and acknowledgement of His provision.

What do you think?

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