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Summer Special: 30 min for $50

For summer events this year, I am offering onsite mini photo sessions in my vendor booths. The sessions are 30 minutes for $50. The actual photo shoot may only take a couple of minutes. The remaining time (and more) goes towards editing one image, which will be done after the event. The finished image will be delivered via email. This Summer Special does not include prints and shipping.

I photographed two mini sessions at the Harlem Book Fair on July 15. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final images. I share them below.


Queen Tara and Her King pretty much took my breath away when I saw them. I immediately grabbed my camera and asked if I could take their the picture as they walked through the crowd in my direction. They graciously agreed.


They then paused at my table to look through my product offerings and then headed off for food insisting they would stop again on the way back. True to their word, they returned. I found myself debating asking them to pose for me. They were two of three people I couldn’t stop thinking about getting in front of my lens that day. The third person was a fellow author; I didn’t know that at the time she stopped at my table earlier in the day. I was struck by her beauty as well as her regal bearing and outfit. Her tent was set up across from mine. As the fair came to a close, I nervously watched her come and go, kick off her heals and change into flip-flops. During this time Queen Tara and her Man came back. We chatted. They purchased a book. Another couple came over and took them to the side. And before I lost my nerve I sidled up to them again with camera in hand and asked, “Can I please take some shots of you against the backdrop here?” Without hesitation they said yes and I was able to capture the below in under two minutes and twenty-two shutter clicks.


Queen Mother

After that proud accomplishment, I walked over to the regal lady, author Michelle L. Heath, I had been eyeballing all day and asked if I could take her picture against my backdrop. She agreed. She walked over and was tailed by her little princess, Leigh. My favorite image of Michelle is from the first click of the shutter. She had a brief moment of uninhibitedness. Then her little one walked into the frame and took over the shoot.


After her initial shyness, Princess Leigh began voguing in front of the camera. It was really precious. To say that she’s a natural is a discourteous understatement.


Shortly after her photo shoot, Princess Leigh came back to my booth and asked me to come take a picture of her Aunt Pat… “but don’t let her see you,” she whispered. So I pretty much walked behind her taking pictures along the way as she walked over to Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat tried to hide when she saw my camera aimed at her, but when she realized her sweet niece came and got me for the photo, she stopped hiding and posed.

Leigh & Aunt Pat

The spontaneity of interacting with people is probably why I love doing events so much. On Saturday, July 22, I will be on Colonel’s Row on Governors Island for the South ‘n the City Picnic event. Look for me if you’re in the area.

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