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Summary of Lessons Learned in January 2013

All writings by LaShawnda Jones unless otherwise noted. Click on the “Lesson” for link to the full post.

Lesson 1: Help comes in many different guises. Accepting help with one of your smallest priorities can free you to concentrate on your bigger priorities.

Lesson 2: Sometimes there will be no one in your corner. Sometimes backlash from your actions will be extreme and unfair. None of that should ever keep you silent when you are being wronged. If you aren’t willing to speak up for yourself, there is no need to expect others to do so either. Use your voice – it’s the most powerful weapon you have.

Lesson 3: I’m really feeling the folks who are standing and speaking up for themselves – even while under bright shiny lights and cameras. Ignorance is never OK and should never be tolerated.

Lesson 4: All your todays add up to all your tomorrows. If you choose something today that you don’t want for your tomorrow, just remember the choice was, is and will always be yours. So… be intentional about what you think today. Be purposeful about what you do today.

Lesson 5: Change in my life is not dependent on anyone or anything but ME. It depends on how I see myself, not in this moment but in the next. It depends on what I believe I can accomplish and the steps I commit myself to in order to reach my goal(s). I AM the change I’ve been waiting for. You are the change you’ve been waiting for.

Change = decision + do

Lesson 6: Change is inevitable, so resisting the evolutionary changes life takes us through is futile. But there is something we can do as we stumble through our processes. We can better prepare ourselves to receive the best each season of life has for us by letting go of our expectations of what the coming season will look and feel like. By letting go of our expectations, we become free to simply experience the changing elements in our life moment by moment and day by day. In this way we will learn to appreciate that we are exactly where we need to be, learning what we need to learn, growing in a way God has designed us to grow.

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