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Summary of Lessons Learned in February 2013

All writings by LaShawnda Jones unless otherwise noted. Click on the “Lesson” for link to the full post.

Lesson 1: There is a time for love. When we aren’t ready for it or when we are indiscriminate about whom we give our love to, it can destroy us. But when we are ready and when love is reciprocated, the lovers will be delighted in what they see in one another.

Love is not something to be rushed into. It cannot be demanded. It cannot be bought. It cannot be ignored nor neglected. Love is not to be taken lightly. Love is a responsibility. It’s strong, harsh, consuming and eternal. It’s unquenchable and indestructible. Love is a committment. It is not a promotional sales or purchasing opportunity to be celebrated once a year. It’s a way of life or a way to death. There’s no escaping it. Love is to be lived fully or you will come to believe life is not worth living.

Love is so much more than a day or a month. Love is everything. Without it, we have nothing.

Lesson 2: I’m passing on the question: Who’s got you?

When you’re doing superhuman feats, are you relying on your own strength or the Source that supplies you?

When you’re receiving supernatural help, are you aware of who is enabling the person reaching out to you?

God has you covered and supported. He’s the power of the universe. Nothing greater. Relax into Him. He’s been wooing you and whispering to you for a long time: “Don’t worry. I’ve got you.”

What do you think?

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