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Song & Verse: Feeling some Jilly from Philly (Jill Scott)

LOTS-Album-Cover-300x282Jill Scott is taking me on a ride today. What an amazing talent. But more than that, this woman speaks a woman’s truth directly with no compromise — from the pure joy to the depressing wretchedness of loving someone. As she says, she is a real woman – she keeps it moving; she holds it down…. Gotta do what a sista gotta do. Gotta make a move.

Here’s a selection of songs from her “Light of the Sun” CD released in June 2011. Today is my first time hearing these songs. I thought she had gone all commercial on me. But I still hear the Jilly from Philly I first loved from “Who is Jill Scott? – Words and Sounds, Vol. 1”. Enjoy!

SHAME by Jill Scott (featuring Eve & The A Group)

SO IN LOVE by Jill Scott (featuring Anthony Hamilton)

HEAR MY CALL by Jill Scott


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