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This week I saw an amazing collection of cinemagraphic photography set to a beautiful soundtrack of music from around the world in the film  Samsara.

Samsāra, literally meaning “continuous flow”, is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth (reincarnation) within Hinduism, Buddhism, Bön, Jainism, Yoga and Sikhism. In popular use, Samsara may refer to the world (in the sense of the various worldly activities which occupy ordinary human beings), the various sufferings thereof; or the unsettled and agitated mind through which reality is perceived. [Wikipedia:

Though the word used for the title of the film is loaded with the beliefs of Eastern religions, the film itself speaks to and of all humanity. No words are spoken in the film. However the film is full of  images and sound. The sound of nature. The sound of environment. The sound of music. The sound of life.

The first two scenes are of beauty and savagery. Man-choreographed beauty followed by natural savagery. The rest of the film is a study of how man and nature collide and co-exist as well as the ebb and flow of the beauty and dominance of each.

Treat yourself to a buffet for  your senses. Link to the film’s website here to find out where it’s playing:

Filming locations featured in the film:

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