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reCap: A Chapter a Day

My blog does not get a lot of traffic, but I am happy sharing with a modest number of people. The Chapter a Day series during the month of August 2014 was a personal challenge for me to re-engage more fully with God’s word. Snippets here and there weren’t doing me much good. I needed to immerse myself in the Word.

I did not intend to map out a plan of chapters, but of course being a natural planner I created an outline for the first couple of weeks. That outline was not followed. Instead, I stayed true to my original intent and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me.

What an exhilarating tale, experience and journey the month of chapters has been! And more people than usual, shared the journey with me.

Visits to my blog increased significantly this month. In fact, during August 2014 – a month when I shared a full chapter from the Bible each day – I’ve had more visitors than any other month during the nearly three-year stat history of this blog (Spirit Harvest). My second busiest month was July 2013.

I won’t be able to sustain this volume of posts, but I will continue to share a meaty word with you. 😉 I’m encouraged and hope you are too!

Chapters shared

Ruth 1-4: Ruth’s faith and obedience leads her to Boaz who becomes her redeemer (of family property) and husband

John 1-6: Jesus, the Word of God, giving instructions with words of spirit and life

Hosea 1-2: Per God’s instructions, Hosea makes a wife of a whore who continues in her wayward ways after their marriage. Yet he is instructed to pursue and woo her.

Song of Solomon 1-3: Joy and beauty of youthful love

Ephesians 4-6: Instructions for husbands, wives, children and Believers of all stages

Haggai 1-2: Rebuilding of the temple of God; a call to obedience and restoration

1 John 1-5: The nature of God – light, life and love

Joel 1-3: Destruction followed by repentance. People return to the Lord; He pours out His Spirit

1 Peter 1-2: Born again to a Living Hope, holy people, submission to authority

Genesis 2: Forming of man and woman, placement in the Garden of Eden, relationship and unity


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