• From Behind Series

      In 2012, while visiting Israel on a church tour, I realized I was truly intrigued with the various ways people chose to express their praise and worship. In an effort to avoid blatantly intruding on such private moments, I usually captured my images from behind and from a distance. It’s been five years since I took this first praise image and I am still intrigued with photographing people from behind. Now however, the interest is in how universal we are as people when there are no facial features to judge, admire, idolize or be distracted by. Praise 1 is of a fellow traveler in my tour group. We had…

  • Self(ie) Evaluation: I Am… Light

    Though selfies have become extremely popular with social media, I find that my own self-photography is not so focused on my outward appearance. I found that I was more interested in photographing elements or ideas of myself - light, joy, reflection, barely-there, ethereal visitor, shadowy stranger. Obscured and unknown.


    On December 3, 2014 , I marched for the first time to protest injustice. Over the course of the next few months, I attended more rallies and marches to represent the murdered and the unheard. PROTEST = LOVE is a collection of photographs I took between December 2014 and May 2015 in New York City and Baltimore, MD.