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Welcome! I’m LaShawnda Jones, an independent photographer with many interests.  My strengths are people and events. The artist in me gravitates toward color, texture and light. The explorer enjoys capturing everything within my line of sight. Beauty is everywhere. Life is art. Art is joy. This is my harvest.

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March for Black Women

I was so happy to attend, march and photograph the March for Black Women in New York City on September 30, 2018. It was an empowering and inspiring event. It’s an unfortunate reality that the use of the word “Women” is not usually inclusive of the issues that impact and marginalize Black Women. Due to that, Black Women are essentially excluded from consideration in the national discussion about issues impacting women and womanhood in America. The speeches at this march expounded on this discrepancy.


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Indigenous Peoples Day

The Indigenous Peoples Celebration of New York City is an annual free two-day gathering on Randall’s Island, NYC. It usually overlaps with the U.S. national holiday celebrating the barbaric mass murderer Christopher Columbus and lesser known Norse explorer Lief Erickson. The celebration features many indigenous performers and speakers from around the world.

For more information go to: Help Support Indigenous Peoples Day in NYC, click here.

Personally, I think the United States should dedicate a year, at the minimum, to acknowledging the atrocities committed against Indigenous Peoples on the mainland United States as well as in outlying states and territories. During that year, we should also celebrate Indigenous Peoples histories and cultures, learn some of the thousand upon thousands of stories that they have held on to, and make overtures of healing and friendship to all our First Peoples populations. After that initial year of acknowledgment, recognition and celebration, we should repeat it annually for a whole month as Indigenous Peoples Month. Still too little, but much better than what’s on the table now.

Below are some image from the 2017 Indigenous Peoples Celebration of New York City. All images by LaShawnda Jones for SH Images.