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Poem: This is a test

this is a test
and only a test
if I do nothing
what happens
if you do nothing
what happens
if I do something
or anything
perhaps one more thing
what happens
if you do nothing still
what happens
if I do everything
all things
reach down to move your feet
or up to puppet your lips
what happens
and if at the end of it all
you still do nothing
what could have possibly happened
your heart and will
are yours to control
mine are mine to protect
for every level of effort
I perform, the outcome remains
no forward motion
no synchronicity
no reciprocity
so I’ve learned to do nothing
like you ….  
flirt with the air
deny responsibility
through inaction
save energy
stay where I am
move forward on my own
momentum with no
expectation or disappointment
after, it was only a test

3 thoughts on “Poem: This is a test

  1. Love this test! I enjoyed your site. You may also be interested in my site about plants. Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Love your content. I aspire to have a well-trained green thumb. 🙂

      1. Thank you LaShawnda. I’m happy to hear about your aspirations, plants can be so rewarding!

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