Photo Walks

This summer, LaShawnda Jones is conducting photo walking tours in Milwaukee, WI. An avid photographer who takes great pleasure in travel photography, LaShawnda will share tips, experiences, and opportunities to enhance your skills practice on the walk. Visitors and natives alike are welcome to join.

You can sign up for a photo walking tour on Eventbrite.

What to expect on the photo walk

  • Slight elevation changes allowing for various perspectives
  • A range of views
  • Photo opportunities include
  • World-class architecture
  • Many flora, fauna and fowls
  • Ever-changing light on the lake and sky
  • Milwaukee’s growing skyline
  • Green parks
  • An idyllic pond (depending on starting point and time)
  • Sandy beaches (depending on starting point and time)

Primary photographic themes

  • Architecture
  • Nature
  • Landscape | Skyscape | Cityscape
  • Lighting
  • Shadow and silhouette
  • Leading lines
  • Settings for changing light
  • Composition
  • Framing
  • Perspective

What to bring

  • Camera (camera phone is okay)
  • Lenses you want to practice with
  • Tripod (not necessary)
  • Filters (not necessary)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Backpack (may be helpful if you have gear)
  • Water
  • Money for food

LaShawnda has been a photographer for many years. Travel photography is one of her favorite pastimes. Creating landscape composites in post-production is a preferred output practice. Her work can be viewed on

If you are interested in a private portrait session during your visit to Milwaukee, please email [] or call [646-926-6047] in advance to allow for scheduling.

Image from various photo walks, workshops and events

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