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Photo Challenge, Week 6 – Prime Numbers

Week 6’s photo challenge was to capture prime numbers – actual numbers, not spelled out. I immediately thought of addresses and street signs. This challenge got me walking quite a bit as I walked from one prime street to another. I caught a few prime numbers in between the streets as well. Much fun!

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge, Week 6 – Prime Numbers

  1. LaShawnda, I love these images from you this week! Particularly the 47th Street one at night, it is just beautiful with some gorgeous colors. I don’t see much snow in these, the city must have removed a lot of it by now! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Wendy! The 47th Street sign is my favorite sequence from this week and that building is one of my favorite things to shoot. I must say, I’m seeing numbers everywhere now and this week I’ve had the 1st 1000 prime numbers accessible on my phone so everything I saw a scene I liked, I checked to see if the number was a prime. 🙂

      The City is really good about removing snow on the main avenues and such. There are still some piles of snow in my neighborhood.

      I hope you’re well and are continuing to enjoy your process.

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