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Poem: NO WORDS by LaShawnda Jones

no words

what can i say
how can i speak
i gave you all the words
i wished to live
only to watch them die
from your carelessness
i have nothing to say
other than
what’s been spoken
nothing to give
other than
what’s been offered
you seem to want
more than i have
other than i am
someone not me
to that what can i say
other than
you once took my breath away
and i didn’t mind
each gasp for air meant
you were near
for your closeness i
willingly traded my breath
until you took it as your tribute
and turned away
walked away
stayed away
how can i speak when
you never returned
never acknowledged
my sacrifice
you held on to my life
kept me choked
in an inattentive grip
weakening my gift
day by day
slowly killing me
painfully destroying
all i had to offer
yet you expect to revive me
simply by loosening your grip
from a distance
how can you breathe life
into me
from a distance

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