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Lunar Eclipse – January 20-21, 2019

At some point in life, I will get technical with my photography and subjects, but for now, I simply love the beauty and clarity that comes through the lens. I’m simple like that. Life is beautiful. The world is glorious and the fact that we’re suspended in the universe in such a way that sustains billions upon billions of life forms – known and unknown – is mind-warping. We’ve been given our own light sources and if we contemplate long enough with adequate tools, we can see more and more light and experience more and more of life.

Below are images taken from my backyard of the super blood moon lunar eclipse on the evening of January 20, 2019 in Marana, AZ (southwest USA). It was a great opportunity to practice capturing details in light and darkness with various lens, by hand and with a tripod.

Equipment: Sony A7iii with Rokinon 14mm and Zeiss 80mm + tripod for long exposure

Pre-eclipse full moon
Pre-totality there was a huge halo in the sky. It returned after totality.
The moon is great to capture, but I was truly trying to capture the stars blanketing the sky which are invisible to our regular vision.
Long exposure practice. Adding seconds to the exposure pulled out more and more stars.
A closer crop of the last two images. The moon at total eclispe – full blood moon.

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