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Lessons learned from Lance Armstrong

  1. Everything done in the dark will eventually come to the light
  2. Greed will finish you off more completely than cancer, aging or broken relationships
  3. Glory and money can be more seductive than integrity and honor, but they certainly don’t last longer.
  4. A man is only as good as his word.
  5. A man whose word is no good is no good to the world.
  6. Image is everything. If a tarnished image is all you have, you don’t have much and what you have isn’t worth having.
  7. People are eager for idols. Some people prefer to hold up one person rather than pull themselves up by the strength of their own dreams.
  8. People feel betrayed when their idols fall and break. They would rather glue the idol back together instead of exploring their unreasonable need to aspire to an image created by someone else for someone else.
  9. People can only be manipulated to the extent that they want to believe the lie.
  10. A man who becomes a brand is not be to trusted. The brand will become bigger than the man. The brand can be bought and sold. Which means the interests of buyers and investors will eventually outweigh the interests of the man. The bottom line for investors and buyers is always money – how much they’re putting out and how much they’re getting back. It’s never character.
  11. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re worth more than ten years in the limelight; ten years of pandering; and ten years of praise. You’re worth more than any price you can put on yourself. Seek God. He will bring you to a greatness that far outshines anything the world has to offer.
  12. Without integrity, there is no way to be graceful under fire.

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul.

True question. Real world issue.

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