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Keep moving

Opportunity exitFor a good portion of 2012, I was ready to give in to exhaustion and disappointment. Many times, I thought I was one blow away from collapsing. But now, many blows later, I see I’m still standing and still highly functioning.

I didn’t fall, so I didn’t have to get up this time. However, it has taken everything in me to keep moving. Not try. Not plan. No time to really think or evaluate. Just move forward. In the direction of a tainted dream. In the direction of a blurry vision. Towards a dim hope. Towards life.

I don’t see the end of this wearisome tunnel, but I am experiencing the beginning of my lesson from this season: Movement is crucial to survival. You can stay stagnant and die or move forward and grow. You may not make it to your ideal destination, but you will make to where you need to be.  

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