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For over twenty-five years, I’ve helped clients, managers and stake-holders achieve their goals in various industries. I’m available for photography bookings, and as a residential realtor in Southern Arizona.

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My skills and specialties include photography, writing, editing, desktop and e-publishing, real estate, hospitality hosting and a host of activities associated with the above skill sets. My claim to fame is Getting Things Done.

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Instagram: @spiritharvest (writing, photography) @ljonesrealtor (real estate, RE photography, B&B) @harvesthousedm (B&B)

About LaShawnda Jones

Harvest Life encompasses all of my passions and pursuits. For many years, I’ve struggled to silo off areas of my life in an effort to increase focus, maintain momentum or simply perform better in whichever capacity I was functioning in. The siloed life kept dividing my mind and focus, so I’ve decided to stop compartmentalizing my life.

Everything I do feeds me, informs me, teaches me, and grows me. Harvest Life is an intentional shift to embrace everything I am and all I do. It’s part of my process of manifesting a magnificent harvest and engaging more fully with life every day.

Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts, insights or random comments. I’m listening.

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