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Don’t be so crooked you can’t see straight

I’ve had he recent discomfort of dealing with someone who was so busy trying to get over on me that he missed a genuine offer of help with no strings attached.

It was an odd experience, to be sure, to offer someone help and then listen to them try to hustle me throughout the next couple of conversations on the topic. Basically, the help I offered was not a priority to him. It was needed, but he didn’t value it. As he tried to twist my offer into something that would suit his temporary wants, he missed out on receiving assistance for a real need.

Today’s lesson: Help comes in many different guises. Accepting help with one of your smallest priorities can free you to concentrate on your bigger priorities. Be wise enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth.


  • Steve Graham

    Shawnda, I see you too don’t mind looking a gift horse in the mouth. That’s my photograph you have used for your blog post and you haven’t even bothered to link back to my blog or post to acknowledge the fact, nor have you restated my copyright on the image.

    • Shawnda

      Steve, I did a google image search for “crooked street San Fran”. I didn’t find this through any blogs. If you want to post your creditials here, I’ll confirm them and post them to the photo. Otherwise, I’ll post another photo.

      • Steve Graham

        Shawnda, are you suggesting that you think doing a Google search relieves you of your requirement to abide by copyright?

        You’re clearly a knowledgeable and experienced blogger. You know you can’t just take photos. You can also see that my original comment links to my blog which contains the image.

    • Shawnda

      Steve, I’m not looking for an argument, nor do I see a need to explain myself. You can look through my blog and see that I have not credited any photos. This is not some targeted misuse of your material. Good or bad, right or wrong, I assume the photos I use are public domain. Just because a photo links to your site/blog does not mean you are the photographer and therefore the person in need of a credit. I have used many photos over the years that I have seen on many other blogs, that doesn’t mean that copyright credit is obvious or necessary.

      You still didn’t say how you want the photo credited.

      I appreciate your pointing this lapse out to me. I will be sure to credit as much as I can in the future.

    • Shawnda

      PS – I don’t see a link in your original comment. I copied the title of the image and searched it to ibooblog, but did not see a post that the image was in.

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